Some germans from Osnabrück have visited our high school!

Dàlia Sánchez, 3rE

Our english teacher Inés told us that some Germans were coming on the 28th of February to our class, 3rd E. We were so excited because we wanted to speak with people in English, and that was a great oportunity for us.

Some Germans were in Rubí for a school trip and they wanted to meet people of their age, because in the houses where they were staying there weren’t teenagers. On Tuesday they decided to visit Duc de Montblanc to meet young people and speak with us.

We divided the class in two groups, the first group stayed in our class and the second one went to the gym and played games to break the ice.

The first group came to our class and we sat in small groups. Then, we presented us. We said our name, what we like, our qualities… Then, we had to explain things about Spain, Catalan traditions and Rubí. When we finished, they showed us a book from their city, Osnabrück, that is really nice. Finally, our maths teacher Josep Anton Clua, gave us some maths problems that we had to solve together.

Before they left, we swapped e-mail and facebook adresses with our “new friends”. We think it has been a great experience and we hope they come back again!