Martina Silva, 3r D


Homeopathy is a therapeutic method of alternative medicine invented by Samuel Christian Hahnemann (1755 – 1843) who was dissatisfied with the medicine of his time.

He was translating some text of William Cullen’s theories  when he discovered something interesting: the vaccine against malaria caused similar symptoms on a healthy person who had received some doses of the disease itself.

This is how he reached homeopathy’s first law, “simila similibus curentur” (like cures like). But he wasn’t the first scientist to pronounce those words, a lot of years before Hipócrates had said the same.


What is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine which is used for the prevention or healing of diseases using homeopathic medicines (without chemical components).

It can be used for avoiding and attending acute or specific diseases – like flues, coughs orbruises- and for chronic diseases -like asthma, allergy or dermatitis-. It is also used for recurrent infections -like throat, ears or gynaecological infections- and even for palliative cares –like nausea as side effects of chemotherapy -.

Homeopaths search for the patient’s help to go beyond the objective of easing the symptoms, which is the patient’s suffering. They want to restore that person’s global equilibrium. Besides the symptoms, the homeopath studies the person’s behaviour –his or her reaction to face of different situations and feelings- and his or her physical constitution, in addition to the patient’s improvements or aggravations. That is the reason why we say that homeopathy treatment is more individualized.


Moreover, this kind of medicines, in general, don’t have contraindications or adverse reactions regarding its take so they can be recommended for all kind of patients –kids, pregnant women or people with other treatments.

In some cases, the use of homeopathy under a specialist supervision -besides other treatments- can reduce conventional medicines doses and their secondary effects too, specially in chronicle diseases.

Where can we find it?

Homeopathy is considered a medicine and we can buy it in a pharmacy. Previously we  have to be visited by an homeopath who will give us a prescription.

The presentation of the medicine can be in granules, globules (smaller than globules), creams or syrups.