Entrevista a los alumnos holandeses que participan en el intercambio con el Duc

Andrea Molina y Dana Dalgamonni, 3ºE

Aprovechando el intercambio que realiza nuestro instituto con el instituto holandés de Almere desde hace ya 8 años, el 8 de octubre decidimos realizar una entrevista a 4 de sus alumnas y la transcribimos a continuación.

-¿Cuántos años tenéis?

How old are you?

We’re 16.

-¿Es la primera vez que hacéis un intercambio con otro país?

Is the first time that you participate in an exchange program with another country?


-¿Es la primera vez que venís a España?

Is this your first visit to Spain?

Caprice: “No, I’ve been here before because I’ve got some relatives in Spain.”

Lauren: “No, I came here with my parents when I was little but I can’t remember anything.”

Anniek and Pebbles: “Yes, It’s our first time here

-¿Qué te gustaría ver y qué sabes de Barcelona?

What would you like to see and what do you know about Barcelona?

We know the football stadium and we want to visit Collserola, Montjuic, Sagrada Familia, Parc Miró. We want to see everything in Barcelona.

-¿Crees que volverás?

Do you think you’ll come back?

Yes, we love Spain. We love the weather.

-¿Qué estilo de vida llevas en Holanda?

What is your lifestyle in Holland?

It’s very different especially with meal hours. Dutch people eat less than Spanish people and we have dinner at 6.

-¿Cuáles son las tradiciones y fiestas más relevantes de tu ciudad o de Holanda?

Which are the most important traditions in your country?

Sinterklaas. Their parents explain them a story. Sinterklaas gives presents to children that are behaving well and he takes those who didn’t behave well to Spain. That’s the reason because children don’t want to come here..

-¿Cómo es tu institutoo y la relación con tus amigos?

What is your high school like? And how do you get in with your friends?

Our school is like a Horrible film. Our school is very dark. It pretended to be artistic but it wasn’t artistic at all. We have very close friends. We’ve left a lot of friends in Almere

-¿Qué diferencias ves entre tu família y la família de aquí?

What’s the difference between your family and your host family?

The difference is that our host parents are always saying “eat something else”, “you don’t have to carry your suitcase”. Our host family look after us.

Spanish people are always with the TV on and in Holland we listen to music and we just watch TV on special days.

-¿Piensas que de esta experiencia puedes acabar con amigos con los que luego sigas teniendo relación?

Do you think you will keep in touch with people you have met here?


-Y sobre la comida ¿te está gustando?

And what about the food? Do you like it?

Yes, we like it.

-¿Cuál es la comida que te parece más típica de Cataluña? ¿Cuál es el plato típico de tu ciudad?

Do you know any typical meal from Catalonia? What is the typical dish in your country?

We think that a typical meal from Catalonia could be  paella, bread with tomato and snails.

The typical dish from Holland is mash of potatoes, stew beef and vegetables.

-¿Cuál es la que te gustaría probar?

What meal would you like to ty?

We’d like to try “Tapas”.

-¿Sabes algunas palabras en catalán o en español?

Can you say some words in Spanish or in Catalan?

Me llamo…/ Em dic…, Adiós/Adéu, Hola.

-Qué te sugieren estos nombres: Gaudí, Picasso, Dalí, Jordi Pujol ¿a quién conoces de aquí que no hayamos mencionado?

What do you think of when you hear this names?

We know about the artists but they don’t know about Jordi Pujol.

Who else do you know and we didn’t mentioned?

We know Marc Bartra, Carles Pujol, Gerard Piqué, Andrés Iniesta, basically footballers.